Peter Mitchell Rubin: Design and Concept Art
Creative direction, concepts, design, storyboards and animation; environments, creatures and props; 2D or 3D - from pencil sketches to fur shaders


The Lion King: Conceptual Designer, virtual sculptor, environments

Spider-Man: Homecoming : Conceptual Designer, environments & props

Ghostbusters 2016 : Conceptual Designer, characters, environments, props & costumes

Suicide Squad : Conceptual Designer, 2D/3D, environments and characters

Jungle Book: Conceptual Designer/Digital Sculptor, environments

Man of Steel: Conceptual Designer/Digital Sculptor, props and sets

Toxic Avenger: (In Development) – Creature/Character Designer 

The Host: Conceptual Illustrator, Digital Sculptor

Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome: Conceptual Designer

The Three Musketeers: Storyboards

Hereafter: VFX Storyboards – Tsunami Sequence

The Surrogates: Concept Art, Storyboards

Bedtime Stories: Motion Graphics Design - VFX

Green Lantern: Creature Concepts – Art Department

The Sub-Mariner: R&D - Concept Art

Hancock: Storyboards

Peter Pan: ILM/VFX Art Direction, bid phase (uncredited), Concept Art

Terminator 3: ILM/VFX Art Direction

Star Wars Episode II: 3D Conceptual Design

K19: The Widowmaker : ILM /VFX Art Direction

Gangs of New York: ILM/VFX Art Direction

The Hulk: ILM/ Concept Art, bid phase

AI: Artificial Intelligence: ILM/Concept art, bid phase

Harry Potter 1: ILM/Concepts, bid phase

Space Cowboys: ILM/VFX Art Direction

ET: The Extraterrestrial (Special Edition): ILM /VFX Art Direction (uncredited)

Time Machine: ILM/VFX Art Direction (uncredited)

Lost in Space: Pre-vis, Spaceship Design

Event Horizon: Conceptual Art/Previs/Spaceship Design    

Independence Day: Pre-visualization

Stargate: Storyboards, 3D pre-visualization, Video Playback FX